File Under Questions People Ask Me….

When people found out that I was starting a personal blog, I was often confronted with questions of why followed by looks of uncertainty. Naturally, I’m a woman who likes to have my privacy and keep my plans to myself. But if I wanted to generate a following for my blog I was going to have to spread the word anyway. So, I started telling family and friends of mine about my endeavor.

The Why: I have read many blogs over the years and while reading them I would think, I could do this. In the previous year I often had many people, be it friends or those whom I have met through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, suggest to me that I should start my own blog. The more I heard it, the more I understood that others saw a gift in me that somehow I knew was there but couldn’t really believe or embrace enough for myself. Besides, there are countless blogs out here on the Internet! What could I possibly even write about that hasn’t been written before!
I considered it. I embraced it. And I finally gave way to the thought. I will start my own blog. Yikes.

You got this

The Uncertainty: I first thought about writing a blog about fashion since my fashion sense has been described as “bold but not ostentatious.” But how many blogs have you come across about the latest trends in style or how to steal a look without splurging? I decided I didn’t want to write about clothes and accessories. I decided I didn’t want my blog to focus on anything specific. I didn’t want to limit myself to just one topic. Why would I do so if my brain doesn’t even operate that way? Ah ha! I’ll just write about nothing!


When I first told my family and friends about my up and coming blog, they asked me what it was about to which I replied, “Nothing. It’s a blog about nothing.” They looked at me, confused. Then there was an uncomfortable silence. I went on to explain how I wanted to write about whatever my heart led me to write about. I wanted to blog about my city, which I am in love with. I wanted to blog about the fun experiences in outdoor activities. I wanted to blog about the good and bad relationships or just meeting people from all walks of life. I wanted to blog about all of the tasty foods I will try. I wanted to blog about the funny things that happen to other people (not me, of course!). I wanted to blog about nothing in general, plain and simple. An introvert’s personal online diary . . . for friends and strangers to read. Oh, goodie!

For someone who is a scatter-brain, who has so many random thoughts within minutes of each other, blogging about a specific topic just wasn’t going to work for me. I’m a girl who loves food and clothes. I’m a girl who is a hopeless romantic. I’m a girl who is unconventional. I’m a girl who doesn’t always know what she wants. I’m a girl who has to deal with the universe’s twisted sense of humor. I’m a girl who can’t see what’s up ahead and around the curve. And when I’m done facing life’s unexpected curveballs, I realize that I am just a skinny girl living in a curvy world.

Walk with me through this journey to see where the next curve will lead me. Until then… Peace, love, and plenty of hugs.

Yes, that is my hand steering the wheel.

Yes, that is my hand steering the wheel.