I’m Ready To Be RAD!

This will be my first 5K. Super, duper excited. Wanted to share my fellow blogger’s (and friend) post.

Pretty Brown & Unconventionally Natural


I’m ready to be RAD and because I’m an 80’s baby…being Rad comes naturally. We are about to Paint the Town Rainbow! I will be participating in the Color Me Rad 5K on Saturday, June 1st. People from around the city and beyond will be invading the space of Birmingham, AL to come get Awesome-Sauced with color bombs! I’m so excited about this race because this will be my first “Color” race and the first 5K for many of my friends.

If you’ve never heard of it, here are the deets from Color Me Rad on how it’s done!

When Zoloft and balloon animals can’t seem to raise your spirits, the best way to brighten your life is to run Color Me Rad 5K.

Historically, running has only been acceptable when trying to escape the law, personal responsibility, the truth, and grizzly bears.

Instead of running FROM something, get…

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Crush Groovin’: DJ Havana Brown

Melbourne native, Angelique Meunier, bka, Havana Brown

Melbourne native, Angelique Meunier, bka, Havana Brown

Let me start off by saying what many already think . . . female DJs are HOT!!!! I’m not sure why, but they are. If I had the patience and a firm desire to learn how to dj and mix music I would do it with no hesitation. I have a few friends who are DJs, too, and could gain knowledge from them if they had the time to teach me. But since I don’t have a firm desire yet and they don’t have the time, I’ll just settle for blogging about this Australian DJ I stumbled across.

“I am not a model. I just look like one.”

I was driving down the interstate late one summer night on my way to a juke joint. Usually, I only listen to what’s on my mp3 player, but this particular night, I chose to listen to a local pop radio station. (See? My music taste is all over the place! I was listening to pop/dance music while heading to a blues joint in the deep woods.) That very night was the first time I heard a song that featured the rapper, Pitbull, and a mad-addictive hook.

djhbI recognized Pitbull but didn’t know who the woman was leading the song. You know how it is when you’re listening to the radio and the radio DJ havanabrown2 doesn’t mention what songs are being played or who the artist is; they just leave you jamming out to no-names. Well, since I don’t have one of those nifty radios that spell out the artist’s name and the song’s title, the only thing I could do was remember a few of Pitbull’s lines in hopes of eventually finding the name of the song. Maybe days later, I searched Google for the lyrics, Pitbull’s name included. “We Run the Night,” by DJ Havana Brown, was what returned. You know what I did next. I went to good ol’ YouTube to find the song! “Yep! That’s it!” There was even an official video released and not those silly lyric videos users post. I was even more thrilled to find that she could mix music and not just be another pretty face in the music industry. As a true music junkie, I can usually tell if I will like a song within the first 30 seconds, and this song roped me in within the first 15. The track, which is the U.S. version completed with additional production by my preferred dance music producer, RedOne, instantly became my Tune-of-the-Summer joint.

DJing in a mini-dress. That would be me.

DJing in a mini-dress. That would be me.

Even the personalized headphones are an accessory.

Even the personalized headphones are an accessory.

Fringed leather and bandanas. How biker chic. TOO tough!

Fringed leather and bandanas. How biker chic. TOO tough!

Havana Brown’s funky style (consisting of lots’o leather, thigh-high boots, stilettos, bustiers, bandanas, bright colors) and her adorable accent earned the Aussie of Mauritian descent a spot in my girl crush book. Not to mention, we share an affinity for ghetto-gold jewelry. Oh, and let’s not forget: she’s reppin’ for the “skinny” girls.

(FYI: The Havana Brown is actually the name of a rare breed in the feline family. You learn something new everyday!)

Meoooow! Who’s THAT lady?!

Meoooow! Who’s THAT lady?!

What can I say? Petite women rock! Literally. Just check out my previous girl crush entry if you need convincing. 😉

♫ Run ‘em like, run ‘em run ‘em, WHOOP! ♫

♫ Run ‘em like, run ‘em run ‘em, WHOOP! ♫

(*CLICK HERE* for behind the scenes footage of “We Run the Night.”)

“We Run the Night” featuring Pitbull. ¡DALE!

Kindred Spirits and Divine Connections: The kind of friendships sent from above

I’m in a glass case of emotion!!!!

Friendships are such a wonderful gift! Every time we step away from our front door and out into the unpredictable world, we enter into possibilities to meet new people and establish connections with them. Maybe that person is the new neighbor whom you haven’t had an encounter with yet. Or maybe you’ve been neighbors for awhile, but neither of you has ever introduced yourselves to one another. If you have a job and you work in a setting where you have co-workers, that setting stands as a prospect to get to know someone; the same pertains to your classmates if you are a student. If you’re like me, you may meet people through mutual friends. I could incessantly name all of the ways we meet others in our daily lives. The point is, when we connect with someone, we really don’t know how that person will affect us down the road of association.

Recently, I helped celebrate a good friend’s grand business venture which resulted in her having to relocate to another state, and while I am rejoicing with her about this new chapter in her and her husband’s life, I am finding that I am not handling it so well. I don’t speak Yiddish, but sending her off, wishing her good fortune left me a little verklempt. After I received word about her leaving the city that I love, it left me thinking a lot about the bonds we form with other people, who we choose to cherish, and how those bonds positively or negatively impress upon our spirits.

I call my friend my kindred spirit. We call each other Virgo sisters. The way we clicked when we first met was in all honesty cosmic, for lack of better words. I’m an introvert, so sometimes it is difficult for me to converse with others until I’m comfortable with being around them. My friend and I only hung out a couple of times after the first time we met. Regardless, our level of interaction seemed like we had been best friends or at least had known each other for years. We had not; however, after only knowing her for ten months, I consider her to be one of the few whom I can call a good friend. For me, that is a rarity.

Pictured here with my friend, Cherie (left), on the night of her "Good Luck" party. We even accidentally wore the same colors!"

Pictured here with my friend, Cherie (left), on the night of her “Good Luck” party. We even accidentally wore the same colors!”

I had no idea that she would leave such a positive impression on me when I met her. As a woman, I admire her for her beauty–for her sense of humor. I admire her for her tenacity. I admire her for being a successful entrepreneur (one who’s humble at that). I won’t even begin to talk about the genuine adoration that is so visibly evident between her and her husband; it is truly something to behold.

I never thought to let her know about the impression she has made on me. That is, until she emailed me about her leaving the city. Right then I took the time in my reply to let her know that I would forever cherish our friendship no matter how often we hung out or talked to each other in the past. I just hate that it took for her to tell me that she was leaving for me to let her know that. This post only serves as an extension of my appreciation for the positive energy she exudes and for her demonstrating sophistication. Like I told her, I am grateful for having crossed paths with her.

People come, people go; it’s true. Some people will vibe well with us; others won’t. It is left up to us to sift through the gems worth keeping–to nurture the friendships worth holding on to. Don’t wait until adieu or worse. It may not always mean to make a phone call every single day, week, or month. In some friendships between two, they can go without speaking to each other for periods of time and pick up where they left off as if they had never missed a beat. Where I think we tend to miss the beat is in our understanding of the connection and the way others silently motivate us through their lifestyle. If we ever grasp that understanding, then we should express to that friend that has impacted us so greatly how much we appreciate them for just being them. It is one of the most elevating things we could do for another. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. And who wouldn’t want to be told “Thank you for just being you” in return?

“No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.” –Francois Muriac

Cherie Fields is the operator and manager of Iron Tribe Fitness (located in Huntersville, NC). If you're near the area or know of anyone who is interested in improving their lives,

Cherie Fields is the operator and manager of Iron Tribe Fitness (located in Huntersville, NC). Find out “why she tribes” and join The NC Tribe family for a different approach to a physically-fit lifestyle.

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Crush Groovin’: Esperanza Spalding


simply gorgeous

simply gorgeous

Massive hair. Soothing voice. Upright bass. My girl crush.
I’d heard of her long ago from a musician friend of mine, but I’d never listened to any of her music. Until one night, back in 2011 during one of my late evenings when I was hungry for new music to listen to, I decided to discover her music on YouTube.esperanza-spaulding-at-oscars Instantly I fell in love and have been in love with her art ever since. The bonus? She is a bass player! (I’ve always had a sore spot for vocalists who were also musicians.)

I had the pleasure in seeing her perform live last month at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Esperanza-Spalding-2012-Oscar-Hairstyle-19The performance easily goes down as one of the best concerts I’d ever been to in my life. If only that night could have lasted for more than 2 hours!

Esperanza Spalding: Beautiful soul, phenomenal artist.

Yeah, girl. That's what talent sounds like.

Yeah, girl. That’s what talent sounds like.