Blog No One Reads

While I don’t have an anonymous blog, the thoughts conveyed in the following post are the same thoughts I’ve had before.


It’s strange to have a blog that no one reads. I’ve had a few blogs, but none of them were entirely anonymous, so I always had to write through a certain lens. I’d write every entry, imagining how every friend with a link might read it. I was restricted. I’m free here. I’m as anonymous as you can get with detailed blog updates on the internet now-a-days. I could write some very personal thoughts. I could share sexual stories. I could write about how I really feel about some people. I could share intelligent ideas that might be slightly controversial. I could let you know my real opinion during all of those times I agreed to disagree, said I wouldn’t say anymore, told them I’d remain neutral, or didn’t say it was and didn’t say it wasn’t what I thought. Or, I could just share some mundane insight I made…

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