Music Monday: The Series Finale


Seems like it was only a month ago when I started the Music Monday series thanks to a fellow friend’s suggestion. Hard to fathom that this was the initial post I wrote a year ago. If you haven’t noticed, I skipped last month’s Music Monday for a number of reasons I won’t get into here. But the first Monday of July also has the honor of having the final post. As Music Monday officially comes to an end, I thought it to be appropriate to come back, full-circle, with music from another part of the globe.

When the angelic harmonies of women from a South African nation are combined with the sounds of downtempo music, Zero 7’s Likufanele is the finished product. Originally sung by The Mothers (in their Ndebele tongue), Likufanele is translated as meaning “It suits you.” A part of the lyric, “Igama obizwa ngalo likufanele,” translates to “The name that they call you by suits you.” How can you not love that?

Likufanele is a song that (once again) transcends the language barrier, proving that music is the true universal language all people can feel and comprehend the same. The British Duo’s remixed tune has a way of easing your mind, allowing you to escape for 6:25 minutes. It is a song you can easily absorb and meditate to when you are in need of a spiritual lift or a peaceful rest. It’s nearly impossible to not smile while listening to it, just as it is nearly impossible to hate it.

I want to leave you with a little trivia as a bonus: the sampled quote at the 3:47 mark is from Drew “Bundini” Brown, Muhammad Ali’s cornerman.

Yeah, this song has “winner” written all over it.


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