A Love Letter to God to My Love


Dear Heavenly Father . . .

Are You listening? I have a message for my love. Let him know that I am praying for him every single moment he crosses my mind. Let him know that I think about him all the time. That I pray for his strength each time he steps out into the world and that he has the wisdom to overcome the trials he faces daily.

I want my love to know there is a genuine woman who cares deeply for him more than any other woman he has ever been with. This woman promises to adore him for as long as we will have each other.

Are You listening? I want him to know that I know he has been hurt by another before. Maybe more than once in his distant past. I know this because I’ve been hurt, too. Like him, I know what it feels like to entrust your heart to someone who is undeserving. But relay to him that while I’ve been hurt too, it has helped me to keep my heart for him and him alone. No one else can have it.

I know You ask me to be patient. I still can’t wait till the very day we shall cross paths. Oh, what a fateful day that will be! I trust in Your timing. To think of how You formed me with Your hands when You created me, You formed him as well. I’m not speaking of a soul mate. You know I don’t believe in that. This is deeper than that. This is a spiritual connection. You took me from his rib, this I know, and You breathed life into the both of us. Separated to be inseparable, I suppose. Does that make sense? You know what I mean because You know me more than I know myself. There is so much to discover in this earthly life, sure. But the journey will lead him and me back to each other. All the tests, the triumphs, all the past failures of our previous relationships, the mistakes we’ve made . . . all the things we experience that shape us into who we are as individuals have and will help us both to prepare for one another. We were separated at the heavenly birth. One day we will be brought together again.

Heavenly Father, take these words to my love. I cry tears of joy to know that he is doing okay and that You keep him protected. The day will come soon when I will be able to embrace him, hold him in my arms, and kiss him endlessly for what will seem like an eternity. The day will come when he will return home after having confronted a challenging day and my breasts will satisfy him when he lays to rest his head upon them. The words I speak shall be like his favorite comforting thing. (Someday, I will know what thing comforts him.)

Until then, tell him that I love him. I am in love with him. With Your help, I will do my best to prepare well for him–to be his helpmeet. Kiss him for me. Envelop him with a hug disguised as a cool breeze. (You know how much I love Your gentle breezes.)

And lastly, remind him of my words the next time he is tempted to give up on love. May he never lose hope . . . and may he never lose me.

Your Daughter,
His lover,



To you, the reader, if you’re wondering if I really did tell God this, I did; just as you see it, word for word, directly from my journal. This is not just a post. I hope you’re reading this. I encourage you to earnestly pray for your loved ones. Friends, relatives, spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Think of prayer as medicine to the spirit and soul, exercise to the body. May you never give up on love if that is what your heart so desires.