A New Kind Of Man – The Rise Of Asian Men In Interracial Relationships

*WARNING: Profanity is used throughout the following blog. Do not proceed if you are easily offended by such language.*
I’ve been following “The Love Life of an Asian Guy” since the beginning of the year thanks to a cyber-friend of mine who just so happens to be living in Germany via Alabama. Never have I looked forward to reading new material from a blogger mainly because I don’t think many have mastered their skills in conveying their thoughts well enough to connect with the intended audience; but this guy has. His witty sense of humor is what keeps me impatiently waiting for more. (If only he would write more often!) This is his latest post, which is set to encourage asian men like him to not only step outside of their comfort zones of the cultural/social norms when it comes to dating, but to breakdown the stereotypes society erroneously places on them. As someone who is a part of a minority group herself, I completely understood the direction of this post. And enjoyed every single line of it.