I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. Because the blog posts couldn’t possibly be enough to describe to you what kind of person I am, could they? So allow me to formally introduce myself here.
I go by Elegantly Chic–my online persona. I live in the south in The Heart of Dixie. I run this blog for sheer fun.  Need more? Well . . . peep the list below:

Random Facts about me:

 I’m in my 30s . . . and loving it.

My birthday is in early September.

I have two cats: Rudy & Jazmine (brother and sister) who were delivered to me from Kentucky by a friend.

I’m addicted to Rold Gold pretzels (don’t ask, won’t tell).

 I love wine (red or blush) and a dirtier than dirty martini.

I have a major fascination with drag queens.

I love food–specifically italian, asian, and seafood. (Word up: The man who can make a major italian dish will have my heart forever!) But I hate spicy food.

If I had a theme song it would be “That Girl” by Maxi Priest featuring Shaggy.

I collect post cards and am currently trying to collect them from all 50 states. (I need 46 more, so if you would like to help me achieve this, feel free to send me one from your state!)

 I’m open-minded to everything including various cultures, activities, music, food, even down to interracial dating.


 Auburn University alumna (WAR EAGLE!)

Now that you have a foundation of who I am, don’t hesitate to interact with me either by providing feedback, commenting, or simply sharing whatever you may find of interest while visiting here. I enjoy hearing from my readers and visitors. And if the above facts still aren’t enough, then freely choose any one of my posts and step into my mind’s world. Careful, though. There is some pretty zany stuff in there. You have been forewarned. 😉


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