Getting to Know Me: 15 Questions Answered (Part VI)



How much would it cost to buy your love?
One one-way ticket. *haha*

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
Prince in 2004 during his Musicology tour. It was such a surreal experience. I couldn’t believe I was there!

Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?
I do think some rare individuals do have dreams (visions). I wish a few of mine would come true in my future.

Do you like high heels?
The older I get, no. I’m into menswear for women. I’m a fan of brogues and smoking slippers at the moment.

What’s your favorite drink?
Wine. *laughs*

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?
I think I should keep the answer to this private.

What do you think of tattoos?
I don’t mind them. I would like a sleeve or a hand tattoo, but I don’t think it will be wise.

Have you visited any art galleries or museums recently?
I haven’t. I want to start, though.

What do you say during awkward silences?
Nothing. I just clear my throat.

What’s the movie that made you cry?
Ah, there are several. I don’t really cry often, if at all. The most recent one I’ve seen (Life of Pi) made me really sad.

Do you believe that each individual on Earth has a soulmate?
Isn’t having one soulmate somewhat limiting?

What’s your favourite chocolate bar?
Almond Snickers.

Contrary to popular belief, I’m…?
Talkative. Get to really know me and you might want me to shut up.

Are you a good liar?
No. I’m a terrible liar. *laughs* I’m too honest to be a liar.

How would you like to celebrate your next birthday?
With someone special.


Getting to Know Me: 15 Questions Answered (Part V)



What’s your favorite seafood?
Somewhere between crab and grouper.

Do you want to be famous?
Yes and no. Yes, because I want to be given a platform where I can Give God the honor and glory and tell others how He got me to that point. I also want to show a different side to being a Christian. On the otherhand, I don’t want the stress of my every move being scrutinized. I’d definitely be one of those extremely private “celebrities.”

Hugs or Kisses?
Hugs. They feel really nice.

Have you ever fired a real gun?
Yes. But at an inanimate object, I swear.

What’s your favorite phrase in a foreign language?
건강하세요. (Geonganghaseyo.)

What is the most beautiful language?
Generally, people would say something like French or Portuguese. I’ve fallen in love with the Korean language, however. It’s difficult to learn because some of the words have unusual sounds. But the lilt, the various honorifics, and even the sounds are all beautiful in my humble opinion. I can’t wait for the day when I’m able to speak it fluently. (I’ve a long way to go.)
There are so many other languages that are just as beautiful, of course.

Would you rather be a lonely genius, or a sociable idiot?
Lonely genius. I think I already am. *laughs*

Do you collect anything? If so, what is it?
Odd rings. I haven’t bought any in awhile, but I’m thinking of starting a collection of watches, too.

Whom do you really love?

What is your favorite dog breed?
Siberian huskies. Hopefully, I will have one someday.

What is the best way to learn a foreign language?
The best way? Be around someone who speaks it fluently as their native language. Or you could immerse yourself in the culture and learn that way, too.

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?
Shoot a gun.
(Don’t worry. It was in a controlled setting.)

Are you happy with the amount of information in your head?
Not at all. *laughs* I wish my brain had an off switch!

Do you prefer day or night?
Night. I tend to function better.

What do you think people think of you?
I believe people think I’m socially awkward, which I am. But I often feel that I’m misunderstood. I don’t reveal the real me to everyone–even close friends. If I did, they’d probably think I was a weirdo. When I’m really comfortable I can be funny and ridiculous. I rarely show that side of myself to others outside of family.

Getting to Know Me: 15 Questions Answered (Part IV)



The following are questions others have asked me in the past. More to come.


What’s your favorite method of shopping?
Online. I don’t like going to the shops to look and buy unless I know exactly what I am looking for.

What is your zodiac sign?

Would you leave your home country for the one you love?
After much prayer and if we were for certain getting married, yes.

What’s your favorite dessert?
Doughnuts. I seriously, probably could eat an entire box of Krispy Kreme…by the dozen. Turtle ice cream pie is another favorite.

Do you have phobias?
I have a phobia of spiders and snakes. I hate seeing either one.

How would you like to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as a woman who always kept her word.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?
Sleep. Haha.

Do you believe in aliens?
I’m an alien. So, yes, I do. 🙂

Do you care what other people think of you?
To a certain extent, but only if it is because of my integrity. My integrity is more important to me than a reputation. I have a nonchalant approach most of the time when it comes to people’s opinion about me. In the end, people are going to think what they want to and they have that right. It’s not up to me to try and change their opinion. If they don’t like me, chances are I don’t care enough to even realize it.

What is your idea of a romantic evening?
I like to keep it simple and not so elaborate. The two of us listening to chillout or jazz music while drinking the finest wine–the entire bottle. We wouldn’t need to say one word. Our eyes would do the talking.

If you were to give someone a tour of your hometown, where would you take them first?
I would take them to the Civil Rights Institute. I think anyone who comes to Birmingham should go since the Civil Rights movement began here. Afterwards, I would take them to one of the many stellar restaurants in my city to discuss the impact of the movement over a wonderful meal.

What can’t be bought with money?
Love. Well…some people have to buy it. *laughs*

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
Racism. It’s such an ugly thing!

What are you obsessed with?
Music. Definitely. It’s almost like a drug for me.

What kind of guy do you NOT like?
I don’t like guys who use harsh, profane language. It doesn’t do anything for the listener or the conversation. I also don’t like guys who need help with approaching me because they come off as being weak. I like confidence. Asking my friends to “put in a word for you” is a surefire way for you to get the boot. Just approach me even if you think I will reject you. I don’t bite. *laughs* Sensitive/spoiled men are a major turn-off, too.

RE: The art of connecting with an introvert


Per a girlfriend’s request, I was supposed to write about what it’s like to be an introvert. Initially, I shunned the idea and told her I didn’t know what I could possibly say that would be any different from what’s already been said. That was several months ago. And while I had intentions to write about the life of an introvert anyway, I never started on it like I have other entries waiting to be published. That is why I am sharing this post from a fellow blogger instead. I’m not being lazy, I promise. OK, maybe a little. But I enjoyed reading lotusgirl80’s insightful version so much I could not not share it.

Click on the link to read her take on the idiosyncracies introverts have in common:

The art of connecting with an introvert.

I will say that this blogger’s opinion is 110% on point. To further support her basis, I want to exemplify some of the points made in her article.

Number One: Introverts are not the chatty type. Talking for the sake of avoiding the silent barrier that often forms between people we’re attempting to get to know is very tiresome for taciturn introverts like myself. Mental fatigue is the best way I can describe this. We’re internal creatures, so our minds are constantly on all the time. When we meet someone, we may appear to be socially awkward and shy to them. People mistakenly think I’m shy, but I’m really not. It’s just that I’m such an observant person who has to process the information my mind is collecting in a social setting. If that makes me socially awkward, then so be it.

As for being an internal creature, I can know exactly what it is I want to say aloud. Actually saying it aloud is another story. Articulating my thoughts can sometimes be challenging. What I intend to say comes out the wrong way, and so it often results in people being offended or feeling like I’m being too harsh in my judgment. Or what I intend to say sounds strange and unfunny when it was funnier in my head. So failing to articulate my thoughts result in me keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself.

Number Two: I find it amusing how my girlfriends are sweet enough to ask me to spend time with them or go to the big party of the weekend when they know I’m most likely to say no than I am to say yes. I do have my moments when I want to hangout with my girlfriends and have a good time (I rarely invite them out unless I’m absolutely bored and want to go dancing), so I’m not anti-social; not completely anyway. I find that once I’m out somewhere, after so long, I need to leave. I need to leave because when there are too many things happening at once and I’m around too many people it tends to drain my energy. Not physically but mentally. Social settings can be too much of a stimulation to the brain, so an introvert like myself has to remove herself from that setting to recharge the energy she has lost or else she will shut down. I’ve found that two hours is the most I can do. Anything above and it becomes grueling to just try to keep the party going.

Attending big parties or even a gathering with more than four people is a bit too much for me; however, I will admit that sometimes, especially when it comes to gathering with friends, I prefer for it to be with a large group. That way I won’t have to talk as much. The ones who are the gregarious types can have the spotlight and I don’t have to worry myself with trying to entertain a conversation. The downside to gathering with several people at once? The pressure to say something, anything, out of fear of appearing to be the weirdo of the bunch who hasn’t said a word all night. The perils of being an introvert, I tell ya!

Number Three: I can play instruments. I have a creative mind (I write fiction for crying out loud). And I daydream a lot (for an adult). Does that make me a nerd? Not really. I prefer the word eccentric to describe the creative side of me. It sounds cooler.

Number Four: I like receiving tangible gifts as much as the next person. Gifts that are created by the hands and from the heart are the ones I cherish the most, though. I’m a total sucker for handwritten (even typed) letters. Making a meal for me when I don’t expect it warms my heart. I remember when I spent the night over at the same friend’s house, she had made a breakfast sandwich for me. I didn’t expect that from her. I thought I was going to have to go to the kitchen and make my own breakfast or grab some from the McDonald’s on the corner. But she did that for me and I thought it was very sweet of her. (But she’s always doing thoughtful things for me, so that’s nothing new.)

I’m not great at picking out Hallmark cards to give to others, but I love receiving cards. I still have cards from my loved ones and old friends from my high-school days. I will, however, give you a letter. If I need to express my deepest feelings or if I don’t have a tangible gift to give someone for a special occasion, I will give them a letter . . . typed. (My handwriting is too unbearable to read. After all, I am an introvert whose mind is constantly going. My handwriting reflects that.) Oh, and big displays of affection (incessant compliments, too) are a turn-off. That’s why it is not a good idea for the guy to propose to me in a public place or even in front of family members. When in doubt always keep it simple.

Number Five: Whatever you do, don’t you dare ask me too many questions; that’s my job when getting to know you. And please, I beg you, don’t let your questions be too trivial or too vague or too open-ended. When I was somewhat dating seeing this guy, every time I talked to him or whenever we went out, he would always start the conversation with, “Tell me something good,” and he would always want to know what I did for the day. I dreaded having to talk to him because I knew the question was coming. I found myself trying to think of something to say prior to our causeries and outings just so I would be prepared for his repetitive inquisitions. I don’t like talking about myself; never have. Even if it’s something as simple as talking about how my day went, I just don’t enjoy doing it. I’d rather talk about things that reveal the character of a person: memories of their childhood, their favorite foods, the last movie they watched, et cetera. Mundane things don’t interest me. Talking is my time to escape from the ordinary things of life (remember, I daydream a lot). I’ll answer your questions, but please believe I’m secretly hating you for doing such a cruel thing to me.

untitledIntroverts are nothing but aliens compared to our extrovert counterparts. That is to say, we really do alienate ourselves from the world because our inner world is entertaining enough. And speaking of extroverts, I admit I do like being around them the most. Whether I need an extrovert as my mate, I don’t know yet. What’s important is for him to understand that when I say I need a break or for him to not talk to me, I mean just that and I need for him to grant me that request without being offended. The same can be said for friends. Luckily the real friends who have known me for a long time understand that I can’t deal with high-maintenance kind of friendships. A few of them still call me a “stranger” and it’s annoying when they already know that I’m not going to call or text them every week to see how they’re doing. Months go by before they see me or even hear from me most of the time.

So if you know an introvert, try not to make false accusations about their temperament. Understand their characteristics and let them know that you understand them. For understanding their characteristics goes a long way with these types. Demonstrate patience in getting to know your introverted friends or significant other and you will discover how absolutely amazing and exciting they can be as they unveil their many layers. Do this and they will appreciate your commitment to getting to know them in the long-run.

Getting to Know Me: 15 Questions Answered (Part III)


The following are questions others have asked me in the past. More to come.


What inspires you?
Honestly, music does. My music catalogue is ridiculous and so versatile. Whenever I sit down to write, my soul is sensitive to everything. I can watch others and become inspired to take cues from their lives and situations. When I hear music, though, it incites my creativity. It’s weird.

Where is the most fun place you have ever been?
Disney World. *laughs*

What is your ideal type?
A man who is sure of himself emotionally and spiritually. I’m naturally inquisitive, always eager to learn, so he should be able to teach me something new yet be teachable as well. A man who shares my fashion sense would be great. A guy who is very funny goes a long way with me, too. As long as I am attracted to him on some level, he will get far in catching my attention.

Favorite Childhood Morning/Evening TV Show? (i.e. Fraggle Rock,Eureka’s Castle, Double Dare, etc)
Just one? That’s hard. When we (my family) had HBO I loved watching Fraggle Rock. From Nickelodeon, Eureka’s Castle. Guts! was one I dreamed of competing on. For the sake of one answer, I will say Lamb Chop’s Play Along was my favorite show. (But I loved so many! And still do!)

Favorite ninja turtle?
Donatello…I think. Or was it Raphael? Raphael.

How do you learn best: by listening, watching, reading or doing?
A combination of all, really. But I learn quicker by doing. I’m a hands-on person.

What question do you hate to answer?
Why I am single. I think this has to be one of the dumbest questions ever.

What’s the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite gender?
The way he’s dressed. I like a man who is comfortable with fashion since I tend to express myself quite a bit through clothes. He doesn’t need to be a “pretty boy,” but he definitely needs to be dressed well in order to catch my eye.

Favorite restaurant?
I don’t have a favorite restaurant because I love to eat anything and everywhere. I just love food haha.

Do you prefer tea, coffee or cocoa?
Hot [french vanilla] cocoa. I like tea, too. I don’t particularly like to drink a lot of caffeinated drinks.

Have you ever been to Jamaica or any other Caribbean place?
I haven’t! I really, really want to go to Jamaica.

What’s the craziest/wildest thing you’ve done in college? btw….Jamaica is awesome. You should plan a trip and go asap, with friends of course…YOLO!
I was the one who laughed at all of the foolishness around me. I’ve always been pretty level-headed and mature for my age. Some may say it’s because of being a Virgo, I don’t know. But I’ve never been interested in doing wild things for the hell of it; even now. On top of that, I was in a serious relationship at that time, so I wasn’t thinking of wild partying and drunken nights. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy my time in college because I did. It just wasn’t in a typical way…like in the movies.

If you could only pick one….Reeses or Kit Kat? And yes, there is a right answer =)
I like both, but there’s just something about a Reeses cup.
(Did I pick the right one?)

What is your idea of perfect relaxation?

Me, alone, with a glass of wine and jazz or chillout music is good enough. I often do this when I want to unwind.

If you could hang out with one male celeb and one female celeb, who would it be? sidenote: Reeses…yes!
(YaY!) For a male celeb, I’d love to spend a day with Choi Seunghyun, who is a Korean rapper that goes by the name T.O.P of the group BigBang. Of course, I don’t know him and it will never become a reality, but I think it would be a blast to hang out with him. But really he is my [male] fashion icon. He is in my opinion the best dressed man I’ve ever seen, so I admire him for his fashion sense. For female, I would love to spend a day with Tracee Ellis Ross. She’s a sexy woman for so many reasons. I can imagine trading hair secrets with her and maybe hinting at me wanting her gaudy jewelry, especially her trademark doorknocker earrings and unique necklaces. She seems like she is a fun woman with a bright spirit who gives off positive energy. I could use more of that in my life.

Getting to Know Me: 15 Questions Answered (Part II)



The following are questions others have asked me in the past. More to come.


Elegantdamus…do you think you would survive a real zombiepocalyse? And how would you try to survive?
I’d probably be eaten.

Are you outgoing or shy?
I’m a true example of an introvert. If I had to pick one on this spectrum, then I am shy. Although, I wouldn’t call myself shy since I can at times be outgoing when I really want something. I live in my head moreso so than out of it, so if you meet me and I’m quiet, it’s not because I am shy but because I am absorbing everything and processing it mentally.

What are you sure of?
My faith in The Holy Trinity. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without having all three operating in it. I’d be lost for sure.

What’s your motto?
I have two: “Worry about nothing; pray about everything.” “Nothing to lose, everything to gain.”

What was the last thing you bought?
I’m into odd rings at the moment, so I bought three different rings to add to my collection.

What is your favorite ice cream?
Blue Bell’s buttered pecan.

Are there any places you are afraid to visit?
I wish I could visit Egypt. There’s too much unrest there, though, and I’m uncertain of how I would be treated as a female. I know an Egyptian and he had to go back to Egypt for a family emergency. Even he was unsure if he would return safely.

What is your favorite sporting activity?
Ok. I don’t play sports at all. I do love SEC football (I’m from the south, so it’s kinda mandatory). I’m also a big fan of short track speedskating and super motorbike racing.

Who are your enemies?
Anyone who is against me. But I have found that for each one that is against me, there are two more who are for me.

What Makes You Smile?
It’s difficult to narrow it down to one thing since I love to laugh and can find humor in just about anything. But I will say the laughter of a small child makes me smile. I don’t have any children of my own, but whenever I hear a child laugh it brightens my heart instantly.

Can you cook?
I can, but I don’t like to because I hate the preparation part. I prefer to just eat the food. I only enjoy cooking when those who eat it enjoy my cooking.

What’s your dream job?
I have an ear for music, so I wouldn’t mind becoming a bass player for popular artists of any genre and tour many countries with them. I think that would be a cool job to have. Hey, you never know!

What’s the perfect place for a first date?
New experiences are always good I think. If both can agree on a location, I think a first date should be somewhere neither person has been before. Whether the experience is good or bad, they will have something memorable to talk about. “Remember that time when we went to…” It’s important that they agree on a location instead of one merely suggesting a place because if it is disastrous, then the person who made the suggestion may not get a second date.

Whats your most favorite black comedy?
I’m a fan of blaxploitation films for all of their jive talk and cheesy fight scenes. My favorite black comedy is “Petey Wheatstraw” starring Rudy Ray Moore, bka, “Dolemite.” But his delivery of jive talk in any of his films is hilarious to me. Google “Hush Puppy Dolemite” and watch the 3-min YouTube clip that returns for an example. So many funny elements in that one scene: the “acting,” the music, the fight scene, the occasional boom mic cameo…

What is your idea of perfect relaxation?
Me, alone, with a glass of wine and jazz or chillout music is good enough. I often do this when I want to unwind.

I Am Not My Hair . . . Am I?

Long hair don’t care . . . until someone assumes it’s not yours.

Natural Hair

This week sometime, I was talking to a male friend of mine who is from and lives in Korea. We had our general conversation: the typical “Hey, how are you? How’s work going?,” and as usual, talk about our cultural differences. Somewhere in between banal and “respect of customs” talk, he gave me a compliment about my curly, wavy hair. It went something like this:

Him: Where did you get that hair? Looks nice!
Me: That’s my hair! All of it! *laughs*
Him: Oh, really?
Me: Yessss. O_O
Him: I don’t know if it’s true or not.
Me: O_O Then I will show you someday.
Him: But I heard black people can’t have long hair.
Me: That’s not true.
Him: And I saw some Beyonce’s pic.
Me: O_-
Him: She doesn’t have hair but fake hair, haha.
Me: *laughs*

Yes, that conversation did happen. I further explained to him that black women were capable of growing their hair to long lengths like women from other ethnicities. I also made sure he understood that caucasian women (or whatever PC name my white sisters prefer to be called) were guilty of wearing extensions just as much as black women were.

Was I offended by his inaccurate assumption about my hair not being real? Not. At. All. I understand that because of the homogeneous society where he is from and where he lives, he hasn’t had much exposure to women who look like me. The only exposure he has is to what he sees on television and in the media (i.e., Beyonce, which leads me to another topic I’m not quite ready to dive into just yet but will eventually ).

Actress, Viola Davis

Actress, Viola Davis

Had it come from someone else, it would’ve sounded like a backhanded compliment. I was able to accept the compliment for what it was and not pop off at him for saying something that otherwise could have been offensive had I’d chosen to be offended. But as we continued to talk about other things, one thing nagged me a bit: why do we–black women–feel the need to add hair to our beautiful tresses?

I haven’t worn any in a while, but people know me for wearing wigs and phony ponytails. Fake hair is fake hair, regardless. I don’t need to wear any, but I like the convenience of changing my hairstyles and color whenever I feel that the outfit I’m wearing requires for me to. And when I’m ready to go back to my own head full of hair, I can on any day. But why do we prefer to wear longer hair past our shoulders down to our waistlines?

Janelle Monáe

Singer, Janelle Monáe

I desperately wanted to sing praises of the black woman to my Korean friend–to expound on so many things that the Beyonce’s, Gabriel Union’s , Zoe Saldana’s, Lauryn Hill’s, Alicia Keys’, Halle Berry’s, and Tyra Banks’ do not portray. (Seriously, those are all of the women he finds attractive.) I wanted to tell him that as black women, we have the most versatile hair that can do things when we want it to and when we don’t want it to.
Yaya DaCosta

Model/Actress, Yaya DaCosta

(Humidity and rain will NEVER be our hair’s ally.) I couldn’t go into detail about it all, though. After all, night for me is day for him and he was working. I did, however, tell him that “long hair is thought to be better, so blacks add more hair.” (Note: Because of the language barrier between us, we often have to talk in a way for us to understand each other.) After I said it, I cringed a little. I couldn’t help but to ponder the why question. Why is long hair considered to be more beautiful? Furthermore, why do we as women believe such B. S.? Why can’t we love the hair we have without adding to it, be it weaves or chemicals? Has society screwed our mindset that much? My goodness!

I wear my hair in its natural state, meaning no chemicals and definitely no weaves. Of course it’s high-maintenance, believe it or not, but I do love it even if it has a mind of its own and doesn’t always obey what I command it to do.

Cindy Blackman

Drummer, Cindy Blackman

One other thing: I’m happy to know that other men from other racial backgrounds are taking notice of how beautiful our crowns are.

. . . I just wish we would believe it more for ourselves. And not become so easily offended when people express a curious interest about our unique hair.


Getting to Know Me: 15 Questions Answered



So I decided to post questions that others have asked me in the past. This is designed to give a little taste of who I am. More to come.


If you could own an exotic pet, what would you choose?
I’ d like to have a jaguar: black, sleek, and mysterious.

What is something you wish you were better at?
I don’t know. Maybe something like keeping in touch with friends and family regularly. I think sometimes they feel neglected because I don’t reach out as much as I could. But hey, I’m thinking about you always!

How would you describe your country in three words?
Diverse. Prideful. Divided.

What is your favorite mobile app?
I’m in the process of learning Korean, so I downloaded a free Hangul app (TenguGo Hangul) to help with learning to read the Korean alphabet. Definitely my favorite! Very helpful.

What makes a person “good”?
I think when a person has a pure heart with no ill intentions or motives towards others, they can be deemed “good.” I don’t necessarily think that good deeds always makes a good person. Sometimes, people can do good deeds but have the wrong or ulterior motives behind their actions. But when their heart is clear, it can make the difference.

What is your favorite salad?
Ceasar. I always order the ceasar salad whenever I go to a restaurant that provides salads with their entreés. My mom makes a pretty good salad, too.

Would you rather live without TV or music?
TV. I do that now actually. I rarely watch TV, but you can always catch me with earphones in no matter the time of day.

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

The Exorcist remastered cut. I watched it in college with my boyfriend at the time. It screwed our minds so, we had to watch a funny movie afterwards. Needless to say, that movie pretty much was the end to me watching horror films.

What is your favorite month of the year?
December. Not so much because of Christmas, but it’s the last month of the year. I see it as a time to reflect on the time spent in that year and to plan for the better for the following year. People seem to be a lot nicer around this time too.

What slang word or phrase do you love to use?
“That’s craaazy!” I say that a lot haha.

If you were going to get a tattoo, what would it be and where?
I’ve always wanted a tattoo on the inside of my left wrist of my birthdate/year in roman numerals.

What is something you do every single day?

I try to meditate on something positive or on things I need to work on about myself. It helps me to be a better person.

What is your favorite Quentin Tarantino movie?

Kill Bill volumes. I’m a major martial arts fan; always have been since I was a kid. Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown are vying for the number one spot, though.

Elegantdamus…What is the worse date you’ve ever been on?
(I like that name!) The worst date: I agreed to go out with a guy whom I had no interest in dating. He chose a restaurant I had never been to (food, service was great). The problem was…he talked about his ex the entire time! So it felt more like a counseling session. Any hopes of becoming interested in him were gone out the window. On top of that, I’m no prude, but every other word was a curse word so it was very off-putting. I was so happy we met there separately!

If you had Superpowers, what would they be, and would you use them for good or EEEEEVILL? =)
Teleportation so I can travel anywhere in the world and between dimensions. Superhuman strength would be another along with invisibility (the latter would likely be for my own guilty pleasures *slow wink*).

File Under Questions People Ask Me….

When people found out that I was starting a personal blog, I was often confronted with questions of why followed by looks of uncertainty. Naturally, I’m a woman who likes to have my privacy and keep my plans to myself. But if I wanted to generate a following for my blog I was going to have to spread the word anyway. So, I started telling family and friends of mine about my endeavor.

The Why: I have read many blogs over the years and while reading them I would think, I could do this. In the previous year I often had many people, be it friends or those whom I have met through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, suggest to me that I should start my own blog. The more I heard it, the more I understood that others saw a gift in me that somehow I knew was there but couldn’t really believe or embrace enough for myself. Besides, there are countless blogs out here on the Internet! What could I possibly even write about that hasn’t been written before!
I considered it. I embraced it. And I finally gave way to the thought. I will start my own blog. Yikes.

You got this

The Uncertainty: I first thought about writing a blog about fashion since my fashion sense has been described as “bold but not ostentatious.” But how many blogs have you come across about the latest trends in style or how to steal a look without splurging? I decided I didn’t want to write about clothes and accessories. I decided I didn’t want my blog to focus on anything specific. I didn’t want to limit myself to just one topic. Why would I do so if my brain doesn’t even operate that way? Ah ha! I’ll just write about nothing!


When I first told my family and friends about my up and coming blog, they asked me what it was about to which I replied, “Nothing. It’s a blog about nothing.” They looked at me, confused. Then there was an uncomfortable silence. I went on to explain how I wanted to write about whatever my heart led me to write about. I wanted to blog about my city, which I am in love with. I wanted to blog about the fun experiences in outdoor activities. I wanted to blog about the good and bad relationships or just meeting people from all walks of life. I wanted to blog about all of the tasty foods I will try. I wanted to blog about the funny things that happen to other people (not me, of course!). I wanted to blog about nothing in general, plain and simple. An introvert’s personal online diary . . . for friends and strangers to read. Oh, goodie!

For someone who is a scatter-brain, who has so many random thoughts within minutes of each other, blogging about a specific topic just wasn’t going to work for me. I’m a girl who loves food and clothes. I’m a girl who is a hopeless romantic. I’m a girl who is unconventional. I’m a girl who doesn’t always know what she wants. I’m a girl who has to deal with the universe’s twisted sense of humor. I’m a girl who can’t see what’s up ahead and around the curve. And when I’m done facing life’s unexpected curveballs, I realize that I am just a skinny girl living in a curvy world.

Walk with me through this journey to see where the next curve will lead me. Until then… Peace, love, and plenty of hugs.

Yes, that is my hand steering the wheel.

Yes, that is my hand steering the wheel.