Music Monday: An Ultimate Love Song For You

Atlanta, GA native, Jamie Grace

Atlanta, GA native, Jamie Grace

Lately I’ve been consumed with all things pertaining to love. I’ve even convinced myself to believe that Spring is really the cuffing season of the year (sorry, Winter). Love is in the air, and everyone is basking in it, so it seems. This month’s music discovery fits the scenario wonderfully.

When I listened to “To Love You Back” by Jamie Grace the first couple of times, I cried like a baby. Meditating on the lyrics, I reflected on how God loves me despite my imperfections, my sins, and how I don’t have to feel guilty when I focus on His undying love for me. Then I started thinking of how wonderful it is to have someone to love me in the same capacity; that was when the tears really started to overflow.

Jamie sings about the kind of love I believe we all long for deep down. A love from someone who has a selfless heart. wpid-phpthumb-1.jpegWouldn’t that be the greatest thing of all much like the commandment itself? I strongly believe that this kind of love (agape love) is the love God intended for us to have in our significant relationships but only so many fail to reach.

There’s nothing more I can say but only to suggest for you to take a listen to the lyrics and imagine having such a love where your significant other loves you just as God loves you. You’ll likely not want anything short of it again.

(Either the day of or the night of our wedding, I don’t care. This song will be played.)


Jamie Grace – To Love You Back (Official Lyrics Video)


Music Monday: Tye Tribbett Reminds Us How God is Still the Same God

I’ve been exercising my spiritual life, building on top of the faith I already have. I’ve always been a spiritual (read, not religious–there’s a difference) person for as long as I can remember, but I’m not to where I want to be in my walk of faith yet. It’s an ongoing fight, especially when situations arise from the adversary that are there to test my faith in God. Sometimes I stand firmly; sometimes I fall, often resulting in me asking God to help me with my unbelief.

Recently, I’ve been “fighting the good fight of faith” regarding a promise I’ve received from God, which is a big move at stake for changing my life. Some days are easy while others are much harder when the promise looks like it’s not going to be fulfilled. Cue Tye Tribbett’s “If He Did It Before . . . Same God.” The aforementioned song has been on heavy rotation every single day in the last couple of months. No, seriously. I play it just about every single day before I go to work or whenever, no exaggeration. Even on the days when I don’t play it, if by any chance I’m listening to the radio, the radio DJ plays it. Even the choir at my church sung it yesterday, that’s just how much I hear the song. It’s one of the many songs I never get tired of. That’s a good thing since there’s such a great message in the lyrics.

When I listen to “. . . Same God” I’m reminded of how God brought me through so much in my and my family’s life. I’ve said many times before that I’ve never had a prayer to go unanswered by Him. Tribbett’s song helps me to remember that, so I make sure I remind myself by listening to the song and remembering God’s promise every day. (Of course the production is fire, too.)

Peep the video below for a live performance of the track to understand why I get amp’d for God at all. (I had the pleasure to see Tye Tribbett and his band perform last year at my church. They really are that energetic on stage the entire time during their set while singing live, minus the lip-syncing.)

Crush Groovin’: Sabi

I’m not too late, am I? Yaaaay, I’m not late!

Wow. I feel like I haven’t posted anything since last year! I’m currently in the process of redesigning Skinny Girl in a Curvy World, complete with photos and new blog entries pertaining to more than just music and girl crushes. Hopefully, I can kick it off really soon! Nevertheless, it’s the last day of January, which means I can’t miss posting about my girl crush of the month.

Now introducing . . .


If you don’t know who this beauty is, you’re about to now. Her name is Sabi (real name Jenice Dena Portlock), and I think she is hawt! If she wasn’t she wouldn’t be anywhere near my list. Maybe you know her from Cobra Starships’s fun song (one wtdtaof my favorite dance tunes, just to let you know); maybe you don’t. But that’s how I know her, and that one song led me to others she released on her own and more collaborations she has done with other artists like Britney Spears, Tyga, and Diplo, to name a few.

By the way, is it me or does the Inglewood, California-born vixen resemble August’s girl crush? Either way, she’s a beauty in her own right. I wish her all the best in finding her place in the overpopulated world of music. But I’d rather her not become a mainstream puppet. (Nevermind what I want. Those are just my selfish feels talking.)

Hit the play button here and below to see why she’s the pick for January’s crush groovin’. Any chick who can rock this deserves to be on the list, don’t you agree?


“Champagne” (This is one of those songs that always makes me want to kick it with my girls and dance the night away.)

Music Monday: What Are You Afraid Of?

Christian artist, Kerrie Roberts, suggests for you to face your fears in this cute little contemporary pop song.

This was so not the original song I was going to share for the first Monday of the new year. I’ve practically planned out which songs I wanted to share for each month, but apparently those plans are subject to change along with everything else in my life!

How has my new year been thus far? Somewhat good with a hint of stressful details here and there but still good. The thing is, I’m working on something major that can be life-changing if it materializes, and as a result, I’m having to deal with so many overwhelming concerns of not only my own but my family’s, too. On top of that, I’ve been seeking God in this particular matter for several months now and everytime I believe I’ve made a firm decision, a brand new concern overrides my decision, causing me to re-evaluate that decision. Imagine what that’s like for someone who lives internally and in her thoughts 90 percent of the time. No, I will tell you what it’s like: IT’S DRAINING!

Just as I was asking God for confirmation for the 54th time (because this is a HUGE decision, I want to be sure God is at the helm of this thing), I was reminded of Kerrie Roberts’ What Are You Afraid Of? I’ve heard this song so many times before thanks to the Christian-based boutique I work in. I’ve even listened to it a handful of times at home. This time, though, when I asked God to confirm for me what I needed to do for Him, it reached my crowded soul. And, man! Did He ever confirm it! I listened to the lyrics thoroughly this time and realized how Roberts is really addressing me in her lyrics. She doesn’t know it, but she really wrote that song for me. *laughs*

Yes, I’ve been “compared to the girl who has everything” when it came to a love interest choosing another woman who could do the most for his image. Yes, I’m the one “who is the last to know about everything.” And I’m definitely the girl “who had given her whole world for love for the boy to say no.” Even most recently, I’m facing a breakthrough but I’m paralyzed by others’ fears. My eagerness to change my life for the better and to do something so bizarre is causing everyone’s comfort zone to be shaken; therefore, I’m hurting the ones I love the most.

But God! He is encouraging me through not only His Word but, too, through this simple pop song. He’s answered my concerns, telling me to let it all go and to not be afraid because His grace has me covered for all of eternity. Wow. Just . . . wow.

It’s incredible how I’m the very girl Roberts sings about. I swear the first verse is about the 2013 me and the second verse is the current me in 2014. So while I had another song to share, this particular track fits perfectly in the present circumstance I am in.

If you’ve ever had a big dream that seemed impossible–and because it seemed impossible you never pursued it–I want you to know that it is never too late to take the necessary steps to achieve it. The only one who is in your way is yourself. 

So what are you afraid of?


Kerrie Roberts: What Are You Afraid Of? lyric video:

Crush Groovin’: Tami Chynn and Tessanne on Music Monday

Tammar Chin bka Tami Chynn

Tammar Chin bka Tami Chynn

Tessanne Chin, or as I call her, The Powerhouse Voice

Tessanne Chin, or as I call her, The Powerhouse Voice

At least Myspace served its purpose.
Kingston, stand up!

First thing’s first. I have been terribly busy for the past month. So busy in fact I no longer know where my beginning ends, where my ending begins, my left from my right, my right from my left. . . . I’m exaggerating but I barely even know today’s date. What I do know is that it is Monday (at least I’ve got that much right).

Second thing is, I know that I haven’t posted anything since the first part of September–like my girl crush for that month. So, to make up for lost time, I’m giving a 2-fer deal for the crush groovin’ category and I am going to post two songs for Music Monday, too. Double-combo!

Initially–before I found myself swamped with wedding plans, maid of honor duties, working, volunteering, birthday celebrations, housewarmings, AND (whew!) moving plans–I was going to post about my girl crush for the month of September . . . because, you know, I have so many I can post for each month up until the one year anniversary of this less than perfect blog. But then blah, blah, blah, [beep] happened and my time escaped while things like my blog suffered because of my poor time-management skills. Whatever. I’m back now, so let’s just fast-forward and get on with it.

Tami-Chynn-1 elitemediagroupja.comI found out about September’s girl crush on Myspace. (Hey, at least I did more than just spend countless hours changing page layouts and creating a bunch of glittery dollz). I thought her music was cool enough for me to learn more about it, so that’s what I did. I found out she was Jamaican . . . Chinese Jamaican to be exact. Before finding her, I was clueless about those of Chinese descent being Jamaican natives because of their ancestors who migrated to the island(s). I was ignorant. I had no idea. Thanks to being introduced to Tami (thank you, Myspace) I now know.

But her sister? Let me say something about Tessanne Chin. No. I can summarize what I think of her in one word alone: POWERHOUSE VOICE. It was only right that I also include her on this post not because she is Tami’s younger sister but because she is currently a contestant on NBC’s The Voice, too. I thought, Why the heck not? Just include both of the lovely women! Granted I haven’t had the chance to see any of her performances yet (this week will be the third week it airs), I already know she has blown the judges away.Tessanne+Chin+TESSANNE

Tami Chynn and Tessanne Chin both share a love for music (sure it’s because their parents instilled it in them considering they were both musicians at some time), are equally as beautiful and have such fun personalities. Their hubbies are blessed and fortunate men to be married to such beauties.

Tami Chynn with her husband, reggae/dancehall singer, Wayne Marshall.

Tami Chynn with her husband, reggae/dancehall singer, Wayne Marshall.

Speaking of hubbies, Tami and her husband, Wayne Marshall, are one of my favorite celebrity couples. I mean, they’re just so friggin’ adorable! They just welcomed their first son together, so I’m sure their baby boy has some musical talent flowing through his veins.

Back on topic, the first song I heard by Tami Chynn was “Frozen” featuring Akon, but that’s not the same song posted below. Just press play and you will see why I’m crushin’ on her. (The beat was a popular one in dancehall music in the year 2006. Another Jamaican artist–who is my male crush–used the same ditty in his song and he makes a cameo appearance in the video.)

The song by Tessanne is the very one that sold me on her talent. Goosebumps. That’s what it left me with: Goose. Bumps.

I’m finally caught up, so the Chin sisters can join the rest of my girl crushes.

Now. Let me go and try to figure out which way is up.


“Hyperventilating” – Tami Chynn

“Control (Are You Gonna)” – Tessanne


Crush Groovin’: Aaliyah

aaliyah-aaliyahAugust 25, 2001: the day the R&B music world lost the young Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Rather than recalling where I was, what I was doing, and how her passing affected me 12 years ago, I’d like to focus on remembering her beauty and music.

Aaliyah is the third woman I’ve ever had a girl crush on. (Cindy Herron of EnVogue and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins were the first two respectively in case you were wondering. If not, then disregard those names because I’m supposed to be talking about Aaliyah, right?)aaliyah-haughton I specifically remember when I first saw her on television. The station? BET. The song? Back and Forth. And I’ve liked the woman ever since. But it wasn’t until the release of the One in a Million LP album that I was completely sold on being one of her supporters.

aaliyahShe was attractive, could dance (wasn’t she smooth?), and pioneered the shift in what R&B music sounded like in the late 90s thanks to the help of Timbaland and Missy Elliott et. al.

Till this day, I still miss everything about her. I miss seeing the tiny woman on my television. And I don’t care what anyone says: no matter how much the likes of Chris Brown and Drake try to incorporate her voice into their music and revive her with those ridiculous holograms, it will never be the same as having her presence in the world again.

aaliyahhaughtonThe music industry lost a special talent–a talent that was evolving and adhexpanding beyond music. But thankfully her fans and supporters can continue to keep her spirit alive through song, videos, interviews, and even her movies. (Curse Hollywood for not letting her kiss Jet Li, though! That was way off topic, I know.)

Rest in peace, “Baby Girl.” Gone but far, far from forgotten . . . .



The making of We Need A Resolution :

Crush Groovin’: DJ Havana Brown

Melbourne native, Angelique Meunier, bka, Havana Brown

Melbourne native, Angelique Meunier, bka, Havana Brown

Let me start off by saying what many already think . . . female DJs are HOT!!!! I’m not sure why, but they are. If I had the patience and a firm desire to learn how to dj and mix music I would do it with no hesitation. I have a few friends who are DJs, too, and could gain knowledge from them if they had the time to teach me. But since I don’t have a firm desire yet and they don’t have the time, I’ll just settle for blogging about this Australian DJ I stumbled across.

“I am not a model. I just look like one.”

I was driving down the interstate late one summer night on my way to a juke joint. Usually, I only listen to what’s on my mp3 player, but this particular night, I chose to listen to a local pop radio station. (See? My music taste is all over the place! I was listening to pop/dance music while heading to a blues joint in the deep woods.) That very night was the first time I heard a song that featured the rapper, Pitbull, and a mad-addictive hook.

djhbI recognized Pitbull but didn’t know who the woman was leading the song. You know how it is when you’re listening to the radio and the radio DJ havanabrown2 doesn’t mention what songs are being played or who the artist is; they just leave you jamming out to no-names. Well, since I don’t have one of those nifty radios that spell out the artist’s name and the song’s title, the only thing I could do was remember a few of Pitbull’s lines in hopes of eventually finding the name of the song. Maybe days later, I searched Google for the lyrics, Pitbull’s name included. “We Run the Night,” by DJ Havana Brown, was what returned. You know what I did next. I went to good ol’ YouTube to find the song! “Yep! That’s it!” There was even an official video released and not those silly lyric videos users post. I was even more thrilled to find that she could mix music and not just be another pretty face in the music industry. As a true music junkie, I can usually tell if I will like a song within the first 30 seconds, and this song roped me in within the first 15. The track, which is the U.S. version completed with additional production by my preferred dance music producer, RedOne, instantly became my Tune-of-the-Summer joint.

DJing in a mini-dress. That would be me.

DJing in a mini-dress. That would be me.

Even the personalized headphones are an accessory.

Even the personalized headphones are an accessory.

Fringed leather and bandanas. How biker chic. TOO tough!

Fringed leather and bandanas. How biker chic. TOO tough!

Havana Brown’s funky style (consisting of lots’o leather, thigh-high boots, stilettos, bustiers, bandanas, bright colors) and her adorable accent earned the Aussie of Mauritian descent a spot in my girl crush book. Not to mention, we share an affinity for ghetto-gold jewelry. Oh, and let’s not forget: she’s reppin’ for the “skinny” girls.

(FYI: The Havana Brown is actually the name of a rare breed in the feline family. You learn something new everyday!)

Meoooow! Who’s THAT lady?!

Meoooow! Who’s THAT lady?!

What can I say? Petite women rock! Literally. Just check out my previous girl crush entry if you need convincing. 😉

♫ Run ‘em like, run ‘em run ‘em, WHOOP! ♫

♫ Run ‘em like, run ‘em run ‘em, WHOOP! ♫

(*CLICK HERE* for behind the scenes footage of “We Run the Night.”)

“We Run the Night” featuring Pitbull. ¡DALE!

Crush Groovin’: Esperanza Spalding


simply gorgeous

simply gorgeous

Massive hair. Soothing voice. Upright bass. My girl crush.
I’d heard of her long ago from a musician friend of mine, but I’d never listened to any of her music. Until one night, back in 2011 during one of my late evenings when I was hungry for new music to listen to, I decided to discover her music on YouTube.esperanza-spaulding-at-oscars Instantly I fell in love and have been in love with her art ever since. The bonus? She is a bass player! (I’ve always had a sore spot for vocalists who were also musicians.)

I had the pleasure in seeing her perform live last month at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Esperanza-Spalding-2012-Oscar-Hairstyle-19The performance easily goes down as one of the best concerts I’d ever been to in my life. If only that night could have lasted for more than 2 hours!

Esperanza Spalding: Beautiful soul, phenomenal artist.

Yeah, girl. That's what talent sounds like.

Yeah, girl. That’s what talent sounds like.